Donald Sterling Appeals to Overturn Sale of the LA Clippers

by August 13, 2014

Just hours after he was officially booted out of his 33-year ownership of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling (not too surprisingly) filed a motion to have the courts reverse the sale of the franchise. (The NBA is also now counter-suing Sterling. Fun!) Per the LA Times:

“An immediate stay from this court, and an order halting or unwinding the sale, is necessary,” the filing said, “to allow meaningful review of the novel and erroneous legal determinations made here, and to restore public faith in our justice system.”


Sterling’s petition asks the court to set aside the final statement of decision Tuesday issued in the probate court case that cleared the way for Steve Ballmer’s $2-billion purchase of the franchise.


The petition wants the “consummation of the sale” and “all orders of the trial court” halted pending the appellate court’s review.