Donald Sterling: Clippers to Keep Chris Paul, Blake Griffin ‘for a Lifetime’

by March 27, 2012

Donald Sterling, the despicable owner of the LA Clippers, says that he will never let CP3 and Blake out of his grasp. Per the LA Times: “He said he’s looking forward to the Clippers advancing to the playoffs and more good things happening. But as important as it is for the Clippers to win now, the organization must prove to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin there is no good reason to leave when their contracts expire. Paul will be a free agent after next season and the Clippers will have chance to offer Griffin a five-year contract beginning July 1 for a maximum of $94 million. ‘Chris Paul will be with me for a lifetime,’ Sterling said. ‘And Blake will too. I’m not going to ever let these guys go. They are max players, and so you’re going to pay that and keep them.'”