Donnie Walsh: Blame Me, Not Mike D’Antoni

by March 04, 2010

Donnie wants angry Knicks fans and the media that covers the team to lay the blame at the GM’s feet, not the embattled coach. The NY Daily News has the quotes: “Donnie Walsh took the heat off Mike D’Antoni Wednesday night by accepting responsibility for the Knicks’ losing record while revealing that he doesn’t have ‘much time’ to turn the franchise around … But when asked if the record is a reflection of the coach, Walsh didn’t hesitate with his answer. ‘Mike’s my coach, all right? I have more responsibility for whatever you guys are writing about than he does,’ Walsh said. ‘So I should be the guy looked at. I’m taking the responsibility for these first two seasons. I did it the first day I got here. I didn’t see how you could improve this franchise by making trades or building through the draft over a long period of time. So I looked and said, ‘We could get under the cap.’ So I tried to do that. And if that doesn’t work right away, I would continue to try to do it. And if I’m not the guy, I’ll leave. I don’t know another way to say it. But I don’t think I put Mike in a situation where I think he should be winning with this team.'”