Don’t Worry About it, Greg

by October 30, 2009

Oden was the goat in the Blazers’ loss to Denver last night, but it’s important for him to understand that these things happen, and that you just gotta move on: “As the media horde stood quietly around Oden, head hung as he slipped a suit jacket over his shoulders, Brandon Roy, Jerryd Bayless, Juwan Howard, Rudy Fernandez and Joel Przybilla were all watching as well. I don’t know if they were curious about how he would react to the moment, what he would say or what the media would ask, but they briefly stopped their own postgame rituals to take it in. All eyes were once again on Oden, just as they were when he missed two free throws that could have tied the game with 4.6 seconds to play. He said the things you would expect him to say, though I doubt his teammates would agree with his conclusions. He put the loss on himself, talking about need to ‘step up’ in pressure situations. While the later statement might be true, the former is not. Missing those free throws didn’t loose that game. Shooting 34.6 percent from the field as a team took care of that.”