Dorell Wright Says Andrew Bynum is Better Than Dwight Howard

The general consensus among people who have ever watched the NBA, is that Dwight Howard is the League’s top center. Dorell Wright realizes that new teammate Andrew Bynum is his meal ticket, and quite understandably makes the claim that Bynum is the true top dog. From the Philly Inquirer: “Having faced Bynum, acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers, multiple times when he and Wright played in the Pacific Division, Wright, who spent his last two seasons with the Golden State Warriors, stated unequivocally that Bynum is the league’s best big man. ‘He’s going to need two defenders to stop him; I would say he’s the best big man in the NBA right now, hands down,’ Wright said. ‘He’s a guy that can give you baskets with his back to the basket; a guy who makes free throws at 7-feet. You’ve just got to respect him.’ At that point I interjected, asking him if he calls Bynum the best big man in the league because they are now on the same team. Or could it be because Howard is on the mend from back surgery? ‘No way, I’d say it any day. It’s because I know he can put his back to the basket and give us a basket and request a double team and make free throws,’ Wright continued. ‘It’s his all-around game. Hopefully he can stay healthy and we can ride, he can put us on his back and he can take us as far as we can go.'”