Doug Collins Fined $15k for Verbally Abusing a Ref, and He Apologized

Doug Collins became a tad lighter yesterday, as he was slapped with a $15k fine. The Sixers’ head coach made sure to apologize for his actions. From the Philly Daily News: “Monday afternoon, before the 76ers faced the New Jersey Nets, the NBA announced that Sixers coach Doug Collins was fined $15,000 for verbal abuse of an official after Saturday’s impressive 109-106 overtime win against the streaking Indiana Pacers. The object of Collins’ ire appeared to be referee Zach Zarba. There was some contact down the stretch that Collins didn’t seem to care for, especially an apparent karate chop-type swipe on Jrue Holiday in which there was no call. Following the win, Collins was seen directing some choice words toward the officials. ‘I don’t ever want to get fined. I’ve been in the NBA for 40 years,’ Collins said. ‘It was sort of a buildup over a few things. It wasn’t one thing, it was sort of a buildup. It was an emotional game, and we were able to win the game and stuff. I didn’t leave the court in a timely fashion, and I should have been fined. The league did what they should have done, and I apologized.'”