Doug Collins Wants to Coach Four or Five More Years in Philadelphia

by August 27, 2012

With Coach K stepping down from the role as Team USA’s head coach, many are wondering if Doug Collins will be the next man for the job. And though whether he will or will not be named for the position is yet to be known, when questioned on the matter, Collins made it clear that his current focus is on his full-time job as the Philadelphia 76ers sideline stalker, a role he says he plans to keep for four or five more years. Per the Philly Inquirer: “First and foremost it must be stated that 76ers coach Doug Collins is not campaigning to be the next U.S Olympic basketball coach. It’s not his style, and in fact it’s a difficult situation Collins finds himself in. While he is an acknowledged candidate, he is also friends with the main contenders who have been mentioned to replace Mike Krzyzewski as coach. … Collins doesn’t seek the subject, but when asked during this weekend’s reunion of the ’72 team about whether he would like to be the Olympic coach, he showed typical candor while also professing a desire to stay with the Sixers long-term. ‘It’s a tremendous honor that somebody would even throw my name out there,’ Collins said. ‘It’s four years down the road and I understand in this business you hope you are an active coach at the time.’ Which means obviously with the Sixers. ‘I am hoping that I am still active and I would like to coach four or five years in Philadelphia,’ he said. So much for the assumption that Collins was taking things in Philadelphia on a yearly basis. ‘I feel good about our team and I love my staff, what we are doing and where we are headed,’ Collins continued. ‘The ownership, Josh [Harris], has been so good to me, so I feel really good about that.'”