Draftstreet x SLAMonline Free $250 Fantasy Basketball Challenge Starts Tonight

by March 23, 2012

We told you about the one-night fantasy basketball league challenge from Draftstreet.com, giving away $250 in free prizes exclusively to SLAMonline readers. The one-night contest will go down tonight—so be sure to set your lineup and submit before tonight’s games begin at 7 p.m. The contest is free to enter, and multiple winners will take home cash, so remember the details, below, and enter now:

This free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. Each NBA player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance—you’ll have to use your GM skills, since you won’t be able to afford an All-Star team. You can adjust your roster up until the contest starts on Friday March 23 at 7:00pm ET at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

Click here to enter the freeroll!

In the February edition of this challenge, I finished well behind about 100 of you. That’s what I get for putting Reggie Williams on my team. Hopefully for me, the third time’s the charm. Join me in the competition! Here’s my team this time around:

—Abe Schwadron