Draymond Green Wants to Create ‘Another Lane to the NBA’

Since entering the League in 2012, Draymond Green has become a two-time All-Star without averaging more than 14.0 points per game.

The Warriors forward told Sports Illustrated that it’s his mission “to create another lane to the NBA” where hustle and tenacity really matter.

Draymond pointed to today’s hustle stats as a way to help identify elite hustle players.

During the regular season, he finished second in deflections (3.9), fifth in contested shots (13.7) and seventh in contested threes (4.1), among players who appeared in at least 41 games.


“Really, it’s not even for me anymore. It’s more that I want to create another lane to the NBA, and these numbers help.


“We can’t all shoot like Steph. We can’t all be 7-feet and move like KD. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something just as important.


“So many times I watch games and think, Man, why is that guy trying to score like that, he can’t do it. But he’s been told his whole life, ‘You have to go get 40 if you want to be one of the top dogs.’


“It’s my goal to build a lane where you can be a top dog and you don’t gotta go get that 40. You can go get four and still be a top dog.”

By “four,” Green is referring to the number of points he scored when he recorded a historic triple-double with rebounds, assists and steals this season.

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