Draymond Green’s Mom: ‘The Bay Loves Dray, and Dray Loves the Bay’

by May 12, 2015

Draymond Green is about to be a highly-sought after free agent this summer. So the big question is: Will he stay in the Bay or go elsewhere for a big pay day?

At one point, there were some big-time rumors about Green wanting to go back home and play for the Detroit Pistons. But his mother, Mary Babers-Green, says she just wants Dray to play wherever he’s happiest. And right now, that’s with the Warriors.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Green is about to be pursued, and paid, and that brings up a question: Would Babers-Green prefer to see her son playing 70 miles away next season, wearing a Detroit Pistons uniform?


“I want him to stay in the place that will be the most productive for his career, and I want what makes him happy,” she said. “The Bay loves Dray, and Dray loves the Bay. I’ve got NBA TV.”


She also has a house Green bought her after signing with the Warriors as a second-round pick in 2012, but she has her own life, too. She has no plans to give up her job as a campus patrol officer for Saginaw Public Schools, even if Green gets the roughly $15 million a year as a restricted free agent that many are projecting.