Drug Dealer Claims He Was Beat Up at Zach Randolph’s House

by August 22, 2011

Whenever the words “police” and “drugs” appear in a story involving Zach Randolph, people get understandably nervous. The latest involves a search of ZBo’s home early Sunday morning, following an alleged assault on a drug dealer. Randolph isn’t considered a suspect, though. From the Oregonian and KGW News: “Clackamas County Sheriff served search warrant at Zachary Randolph’s home. Drug related assault. Randolph not considered a suspect. The male victim reported he was struck with a pool cue and assaulted by multiple subjects. Randolph was reportedly home during the assault.’ … ‘Victim of assault in home of [Zach Randolph] tells KGW he went to house to sell drugs and was beat-up after disagreement on price.'”