Dwane Casey: Kyle Lowry ‘Did Not Walk Out On His Team’

Struggling Raptors star Kyle Lowry has taken a lot of heat for leaving the bench to “decompress” during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals.

As Lowry was in the locker room during the final two-and-a-half minutes of the first half, the Cavs went on a 16-2 run.


Lowry told the media after the game that he left the court to “just to kind of decompress. Get back there, relax my body and relax my mind.” He asserted that he’s done this “plenty of times,” but the magnitude of the situation drew unnecessary attention.

On Friday, Raptors coach Dwane Casey said Lowry “didn’t quit on his team“—instead, the point guard had to relieve his bladder…just two-and-a-half minutes before halftime.

Lowry, who’s shooting just 28.6 percent in the conference finals and 1-15 from three, insisted that the criticism is an “overreaction.”

From ESPN:

“Kyle did not walk out on his team,” Casey said. “He and Cory Joseph use the bathroom more than any two human beings I know during the game. … I don’t think he quit on his team.”


Lowry faced criticism after he left the bench with 2½ minutes remaining in the second quarter “just to kind of decompress.” At the time, he was 0-for-4 from 3-point range and had committed five turnovers. Cleveland closed the first half on a 16-2 run to take a 14-point halftime lead.


“It’s whatever. I think it’s an overreaction, personally. I’ve done it countless times,” Lowry reiterated. “Maybe I went to go to the bathroom. I’ve done it before, going to the bathroom. It’s just the magnitude of the situation, which makes it a lot bigger than what it really it is.