Dwyane Wade: Lakers ‘Have to Make It Work’

by September 05, 2012

Dwyane Wade knows the rewards of joining forces with fellow superstars and forming a Super-Team. But he also understands the difficulties that come along with such a decision—his Miami Heat were quickly dismissed in the 2011 NBA Finals, getting somewhat of a reality check before coming back stronger than ever to finally with the Championship. When asked about the newly renovated Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week, Wade said that while everything may look great on paper, making it work is an entirely different animal. Via FoxSportsFlorida.com: “‘They’ll be great, but they have to make it work,’ Wade said with a tone that sounded something like a warning — perhaps because he’s speaking from experience. ‘Some people figure it out right away, some people take till mid-season to figure it out and some take until the next year if they figure it out. Obviously for them, they need to be successful as they want to be, they’re going to have to do it right away.’ But as Wade could well testify, that’s easier said than done. ‘There are a lot of teams anxious and waiting on the season to start, and they’re not necessarily concerned whether (the Lakers) are going to figure it out or not,’ Wade said. ‘They’re worried about themselves, but we understand that they’re going to be a very good team, and we’re ready for the challenge.'”