Dwight and SVG Clear the Air

by May 14, 2009

Move along, nothing more to see here, insist Howard and his coach: “Magic center Dwight Howard and Coach Stan Van Gundy met before a team meeting Wednesday to clear the air after Howard complained about not getting the ball enough in a 92-88 Game 5 loss in Boston. Howard also questioned some of Van Gundy’s substitution patterns. ‘We just met and talked about some things,’ Van Gundy said. Howard said he apologized. ‘We’ve come off of two very, very difficult losses,’ Van Gundy said. ‘I think that Dwight takes his role as the franchise player and as team leader very seriously and takes a lot of responsibility very seriously in terms of our team’s performance. And because of that he’s even more frustrated than some of the other people. As you guys know you don’t get a lot of times after the games to decompress, and you’re talking and your emotions are pretty raw. He said a lot of things out of frustration. He and I met for quite a while before the team and everything’s fine and we’re ready to move on.'”