Dwight Could Be Done With Dunk Contests

by December 04, 2009

Dwight didn’t say he’s definitely no longer competing in the showcase, but he doesn’t sound too thrilled about the prospect: “Dwight Howard said this afternoon that he’s not keen on participating in February’s all-star slam-dunk contest. But he also left the door open for a change of heart. When asked Thursday whether he would compete in the event, the 23-year-old superstar didn’t sound enthused. ‘I’m getting old, man,’ Howard said. ‘They’ve got to stop grabbing me in the games so I can jump. I’ve got to keep my legs. It’s kind of tough. I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. But I think it’s time for us to see more guys get out there and show their stuff. Half the time, you can’t really show everything you’ve got in the dunk contest anyways. I would love to see a lot of people in it.’ But, then, he took a look at a nearby video camera and kept his options open. ‘If they want me in it, they ought to vote me in,’ he said. ‘Vote me. Vote for me.”‘