Dwight Howard: ‘Big Possibility’ of Staying in Orlando; Trade Request Stands

Dwight Howard still wants the Orlando Magic to trade him, but claims that there’s a “big possibility” of him staying with the team. Huh?! Florida Today has the confusing quotes: “Dwight Howard craves a championship and wants it ‘while I’m young and still have a lot of my abilities. I don’t want to wait until I’m old.’ […] Averaging 20.3 points and a career-high 15.4 rebounds entering Thursday night’s game at the Atlanta Hawks, Howard is highly desired. ‘There’s only one person in control of that,’ Howard said, ‘and that’s the man upstairs.’ Make no mistake, his trade request still stands, and the Mavs, Nets and Lakers still have permission to talk to his agent. But asked if there’s a future for him with the Magic, who had gotten back on track and entered the All-Star break as the Eastern Conference’s third-best team, Howard said, ‘It’s a big possibility. … It’s a big possibility.’”