Dwight Howard Calls the Lakers’ Season a Nightmare

by April 29, 2013

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

A controversial coaching change, multiple devastating injuries, and a humiliating Playoff sweep to their bitter rivals. Yes, this season for the Los Angeles Lakers would qualify as a “nightmare”, as Dwight Howard said so aptly.

Howard, who was ejected in what could be his final game as a Laker, refused to comment on what lies ahead for him with free agency looming. The big fella spoke only of what a disappointing year he had in Hollywood.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

“It’s like a nightmare,” Howard said after Los Angeles suffered a 103-82 defeat that swept it out of Round 1 of the playoffs. “It’s like a bad dream and we couldn’t wake up out of it. That’s what it felt like. It seemed like nothing could go right, right from the start, injuries and all that stuff. We get an opportunity to get some rest for guys who are injured. A chance to rehab and think about what we can all do to better ourselves.”

When asked if the last part of that statement reflected optimism toward returning, Howard said: “You’re reading too much into it.”

Heading into an uncertain offseason, the Lakers will of course offer Howard a five-year, maximum $117.9 million contract, the most anyone in the NBA can give him. Whether he signs it, is anyone’s guess.

The nightmare that was the 2012-’13 Los Angeles Lakers has mercifully come to an end. The free agency “Dwightmare”, however, is just getting started.