Dwight Howard Can’t Watch the Playoffs Because of Tim Duncan

by June 03, 2013

Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs tortured the Los Angeles Lakers during a humiliating, four-game sweep. It was so bad that Dwight Howard can’t bear to watch the NBA Playoffs anymore. The LA Times does its best to get Howard to give clues about the upcoming free agent process, but no dice: “We all met at UCLA, Howard was as friendly as always and relaxed after fishing trips to Lake Tahoe and Aspen. He posted Twitter pictures of the fish that had jumped in his boat or the ones he claimed he had caught. But they were the wrong kind of trophies for some Lakers fans. ‘You just can’t please people,’ Howard said. ‘I catch fish and it’s a problem. People were upset I was out having fun; they thought I should be sitting in a room all upset because we lost. I am upset, but I’m not going to stop living life. I couldn’t watch the playoffs I was so ticked. Everywhere I went I saw a Tim Duncan jersey, and you know how much I hated that.’ […] He declined help with his shooting technique, saying he will not change the way he shoots free throws this off-season. He’ll just shoot more of them. ‘I have only one problem and it’s between my ears,’ he said, while admitting he visited a Lakers’ psychiatrist. ‘I just think too much.’ […] ‘It’s free agency and I have the opportunity to choose where I’m going to play,’ he said. ‘God opens doors, and I’m relying on my faith to direct me. ‘I don’t think it’s fair I get criticized for waiting on such an opportunity.’ But what does he want in a team? ‘I want to win; I’ve done everything else,’ he said. ‘I just want to win.’ Can the Lakers win? ‘Any team I am on can win,’ he said with a grin, ‘but nice try.’ So what do you think of D’Antoni? ‘I love him,’ he said. ‘He’s a great person.’ Is he a great coach? ‘He’s a great person and I’m glad we had the opportunity to be together,’ said Howard, which some will undoubtedly interpret as goodbye.”