Dwight Howard Dismisses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Criticisms

by October 04, 2013

Houston Rockets superstar center Dwight Howard took the high road when asked to respond to scathing criticism from Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Dwight says he’d be willing to talk to Kareem one-to-one. Per the Houston Chronicle: “I don’t pay any attention to that stuff. I did hear about it but everybody is entitled to their own opinion. When I joined the Lakers I was the greatest center. When I left, I was the worst. Mentally, I wasn’t capable of playing center. I understand a lot of things are said out of emotion. I will say if he has anything to say, I am here in Houston. We can talk man to man. That’s how I feel. We had one conversation (in Los Angeles) and that was before the season and I was respectfully asked to keep that conversation away from basketball. It’s emotion – the fact that I left the Lakers. It it what it is. I am in a great place right now. There is no need for me to go back and forth with him. One thing I would say is that he is old enough to where whatever I do shouldn’t even matter. He is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. If I’m Kareem, I’m like why? Four championships, five championships (actually, it’s six) whatever. I’ve been in Airplane and done movies with Bruce Lee. I am not worried about the young whippersnapper. I wish him good luck. People do things different and when I am done playing, I will do what I can to help the younger generations.’ When asked about his basketball IQ, Howard defended himself: ‘You can’t win three Defensive Player of the Year trophies and be stupid. That can’t be done. And I don’t think any coach that has ever coached me has said I have a low IQ for basketball. Have I done some dumb stuff on the floor? Yes, every player has. Have I done some stupid things in life? Yes, it’s life. We make mistakes and learn from them. It is what it is. I think I am very intelligent when it comes to the game of basketball. I have been playing since I was three years old. Each year, I get a little smarter. People will have something to say. Is what it is. I’m in (Houston) now.This city has my back and we are going to ride together.'”