Dwight Howard Eager to Show Off His Jumper

by October 04, 2016

Dwight Howard spent the summer working on his outside shooting, and says he wants to be known as more than merely a post player.

The big fella, who inked a $70.5 million deal with the Atlanta Hawks, will be launching from all over the court this season.

Howard, 30, shot a career-high 62 percent from the field with the Houston Rockets in 2015-16 (with most attempts coming from near the basket):

“It’s all about being able to grow and just having confidence,” Howard recently told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Coach (Mike Budenholzer) has total confidence in me shooting the basketball. So, that’s not an issue. I think in the past I’ve started to shoot and then I’ve stopped. I can’t allow missing or anything like that to affect how I play on the floor.”


Don’t expect Howard to stretch his game to the 3-point line as a regular basis. However, he said his new on-court attitude will be important as he works to expand his game.


“It’s the mentality,” Howard said. “In my younger years, when I shot those shots I laughed and joked. I don’t think people took it serious when I did that even if I made it. If people see that I’m taking that part of my game seriously, then they’ll get used to it. I think it’s something that they’ve never really seen, especially since I’ve been playing in the NBA. It’s all about how I do it.”

Dwight Howard Aiming to ‘Bring a Championship Home’