Dwight Howard More Involved Offensively

by November 09, 2010

Its no secret that Dwight Howard’s offensive game has come a long way since last season ended, but according to MagicBasketball.net his usage rates have never been higher. “Mind you, Howard doesn’t need to remind many people that he’s the best center in the league but for those that like to insert Yao Ming’s name in the discussion when he’s healthy or Pau Gasol if they want to bend the positional rules a little bit, the first five games of the regular season have provided a refresher course for them… Never before has Howard been as involved offensively as he is now. So far in the season, Howard’s usage rate is 32.1 percent. To put that number in perspective, Howard’s usage rate in 2009 was 26.1 percent — the highest of his career. Howard is getting the basketball as much as the Kevin Durant’s of the world, and that’s something that’s never happened to him before.”