Dwight Howard Ran 10 Red Lights and Had License Suspended

by September 17, 2014

Houston Rockets All-Star center Dwight Howard finds himself in some mild legal trouble in Florida, where his driver’s license has been suspended.

Howard owes the state $285 for having sped through an impressively-dangerous ten red lights during a two-year period.

Per TMZ:

According to official records, the NBA superstar was captured by those red light cameras in Orange County, FL over and over again starting in 2012, when he was busted 9 times in 10 months.


Then, after a year-and-a-half without a violation, Howard struck again in 2014 — blowing through another red light on July 1st, his 10th overall infraction.


Officials from the Orange County Clerk of Courts tell us Howard’s license can be reinstated if he pays a $285 fine.