Dwight Howard Says He Wants to Finish His Career in Orlando

by March 08, 2011

This doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind within the next two years or so, but for now, it’s a nice sentiment for the Magic and their fanbase to hear. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “I love Orlando. The city has been very good to me and I would love to finish my career here. I want to win a championship and I want to win it in Orlando,’ Howard said on the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning. ‘That’s all I’ve been thinking about.’ Howard told Patrick that he would not hold his own television special to announce his decision, a l a LeBron James. When Patrick joked that Howard would say he’d take his talents to Disney World, Howard laughed and reiterated that his decision is two years away. Howard keeps saying this, but it’s not really the case. Yes, he can’t technically become a free agent until after next season, but the Magic would want to know what he is thinking before next season’s trade deadline.”