Dwight Howard Thinks He Can Make ’75 to 80 Percent From The Line’

by September 28, 2013

Dwight Howard is feeling optimistic about being a Houston Rocket. Maybe too optimistic. When asked about his goals for ’13-14, Howard responded that he wants to make “75 to 80 percent” from the free-throw line (in addition to winning a Championship and DPOY). The center is a career 57.7 percent shooter from the stripe. Via the Houston Chronicle:

“Howard has entered every NBA season – this is his 10th – with a list of goals. Every year, he takes a couple of hours to think about the upcoming months. He writes a list of goals to strive for each year.

‘This season, I want to win a Championship,’ he said. ‘I want to shoot 75 to 80 percent from the free-throw line. I want to win defensive player of the year.

‘I also want to help make Houston a better city. I want to contribute to this community and take advantage of the opportunities I have here.'”