Dwight Howard: ‘Vinsanity is back!’

by February 09, 2010

Da-wight had the same reaction as pretty much the rest of the basketball-watching world last night: “Dwight Howard put it best Monday night. ‘Oh my God,’ Dwight said after Vince Carter scored 48 in the Magic’s 123-117 victory over the New Orleans Hornets, ‘Vinsanity is back!’ We echo those sentiments. Oh my God, did you see Vinsanity Monday night? Driving to the hoop for dipsy-doodle scoops. Nailing 3-pointers. Crossover dribbles that tied defenders up in knots.  Wow — 48 points, 19-of-27 shooting and 6-of-10 from 3-point range. Just wow. This is the Vince Carter Magic fans have been waiting for ever since the deal was made during the offseason to bring Vince to town. Not that he has to score nearly 50 points to justify his worth to the team, but he does need to be able to occasionally take over games and lead the Magic to victory. Fans don’t want to boo Carter like they have recently; they want to cheer him like they did Monday night. They want to believe the Magic did the right thing when they gambled after going to the Finals last season, retooled their team and brought in Carter.”