Dwight Howard: ‘We Can Win a Championship’

by May 18, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

By advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Orlando Magic achieved something remarkable. They have gone further than most people expected them to, but according to their leader, this is nothing compared to their ultimate goal.

After vanquishing the defending champs, Dwight Howard has his eyes on an NBA title.

From Florida Today:

Dwight Howard remembers the reaction when he first talked about bringing an NBA championship to Orlando.

“Everybody laughed,” the Magic center said after helping Orlando beat the defending NBA champion Boston Celtics 101-82 on Sunday night and advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

“I believe we can win a championship. We’re not going to stop going after one until we get it. We have the right team. We have the talent. We have the coaches. It’s just on us to go out there and play hard. I have a long way to go, but I’m still hungry.”

Whether or not he truly believes it is irrelevant; as the leader, Howard almost has to say these type of things for his team to gain confidence.

The Orlando Magic have a huge task ahead of them just to get to the championship round, and they’ll need all the confidence in the world to get there.