Dwyane Wade ‘Chuckled’ When Monta Ellis Said He’s Just as Good

by April 25, 2013

Earlier this season, Monta Ellis told the world that he thinks that minus a couple of NBA championships and a few wins, he’s in the same category as Dwyane Wade. Everyone had a hearty laugh over the comments, including Wade. Per the Miami Herald: “I looked at it and I chuckled in a sense,’ Wade said. ‘But if I’m a bar for somebody, I don’t mind that. Monta is a talented, talented guard. But obviously, I feel my game is a little bit different. I’m not just a scorer. I do everything on the floor, my whole career I’ve done it. That’s where I separate myself from others … [But] I look at what Kobe Bryant does. I know I need championships to be where he’s at, to even be in the category with him as a player.'”