Dwyane Wade Claims He’s the Best Shooting Guard in the NBA

Everyone else may see a rapidly-declining superstar, but Dwyane Wade’s ego remains as healthy as ever.

It’s now up to his body to hold up its end of the bargain.

Wade re-committed himself to physical fitness in the offseason, and feels that when everything is clicking, no other shooting guard in the L can match up with him.

Per Bleacher Report:

“I want to continue to add to being one of the best players at my position in the game,” Wade said. “I’ve been put in the category of great players, and I want to hold up to that, whatever that is. But I want to be able to showcase it for as long as God allows me to.”


When Wade is physically right, are any (other 2-guards) better? […] “No,” Wade said. “When I’m right, there are players at my position that are probably more athletic than me. There are players at my position that can probably shoot threes better than me. That can do individual things. But when I’m right, overall, just like I’ve been the last few years, I mean, I can be a dynamic player.


“It’s unfortunate that, consistently, that last couple years, I haven’t been able to be that. But I’m not going to stop working to get there. I’m going to put all my efforts towards doing it. Because the moments where I feel, ‘Oh, it feels so right,’ it feels so good.”