Dwyane Wade Has No Offers From China

by August 06, 2011

The odds are miniscule, but Dwyane Wade has made it clear he’s open to playing in China if the lockout persists. ESPN with the story: “Dwyane Wade’s agent said Friday his client has received no offers nor has had any discussions with professional teams from China, but he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that scenario changing. ‘If offers are made down the road, will they be looked at? Absolutely,’ agent Henry Thomas told ESPN.com on Friday. The Chengdu Daily reported that Zhejiang Guangsha was offering Wade $2 million per month to play next season in the Chinese Basketball Association, a report that was later denied by a team official. Wade’s agent also said it was untrue, but he made clear that the Miami Heat guard would look at China as an option if the NBA lockout lasts into the fall.”