Dwyane Wade ‘Hates’ Playing With Big Leads on the Road

by February 03, 2012

Dwyane Wade made an interesting claim about his Miami Heat team gaining (and losing) big leads on the road. It’s an opinion that teammate Chris Bosh doesn’t share in. From the Palm Beach Post: “Dwyane Wade said something surprising after Wednesday’s loss. ‘I hate to say it, but being on the road, I didn’t want to go up 20 at all,’ Wade said. ‘I hate it. It’s not easy playing on the road when you got a big lead. Give the home team an opportunity. They make a 6-0 run, the crowd’s going, it seems like everything is bad, you’ll still up … It’s tough. It’s the NBA. A home team, they are going to make a run. Their crowd is going get into it, and then they go on a 6-0, 8-0, and it seems like everything is coming down. And it’s not. You’ve got to take a breather, take a timeout and come back in and execute.’ The key parts of Wade’s quote were brought over to Chris Bosh. ‘Uh, I would rather jump on teams,’ Bosh said. ‘I think if you look at every other great team in history, one of the main things they probably did was jump on teams early, keep leading. It’s just a mental, psychological thing. If they make a couple buckets, let’s see if they can take our best shot. And if we do miss, we’re probably going to stop you.'”