Dwyane Wade letter to basketball contest winner

By Sam Rubenstein

We had a contest on slamonline in conjunction with our friends from Converse right before Halloween, where our commenters wrote their own letters to basketball, inspired by the Dwyane Wade letter and commercial. Dwyane was a little bit busy there for a few months, but he has chosen a winner.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to write a letter to the game of basketball. It’s great to see how many people were inspired by the game, just like I was inspired to write my letter that became the inspiration for my Converse commercial. I was very impressed with everyone’s entries, but we could only pick one. I picked Jose’s letter because it showed how hard and frustrating the game can be, and how struggling through the hard times makes it that much sweeter when you finally make it and feel like you’re a true part of the game – no matter what level you play. Thanks again for everyone who took the time out to drop some lines.” – Dwyane Wade

Congrats to Jose! Email me to claim your prize.

The winning letter…

Posted: Oct. 31 at 12:12 am
Author: Jose says:

When I first met you, I didn’t think we would connect very well
You were a stranger to me, as I was to you.
My friends introduced me to you and i was nervous
Nervous that you weren’t going to accept me in your style.
I didn’t think i could have the connection that my friends had with you.
They had known you for years and i never really paid attention to you.
You were so serious and tough.
I have seen you make people get excited and shouting with joy.
But I had also seen you so powerful, that you made guys like me cry and fall to the floor.
The first few months were a rocky start.
Half of the time i was with you it was as if you didn’t want me there.
I would take shots at you and you would counter them back at me.
My friends told me that i just had to give it time.
You two will click eventually.
And now its happened.
We dont argue and act like the others not there.
Sometimes we mess around.
I take shots at you and you would counter back, but we would still be friends.
and now you have Become someone i can trust.
Someone i can go to when i have problems.
No matter where i am i now where i can find you, By seeing your orange auora.
Most importantly, you helped me better myself, physically and mentally.
Thank you my friend, thank you basketball.