Dwyane Wade May Work With a Shooting Coach

by June 26, 2012

For the first time, Dwyane Wade openly talked about the left knee pain that bothered him throughout the postseason, and discussed the possibility that he may employ a shooting coach for the first time in his career this summer. Per the Miami Herald: “Wade said he would not be inclined to go to the Olympics if he cannot play. Wade said the knee caused him discomfort throughout the postseason and, ‘I had to go through a lot to play. If people knew what I had to go through just to play, it was crazy. The biggest thing was I had a lot of swelling. My left knee is my power knee. It’s my explosion knee. When you are dealing with knee issues, you are dealing with lateral quickness [issues]. I dealt with it. At times, I did great with it. At other times, I didn’t do great with it.’ He said he had his knee drained before Game 3 against Indiana, when he scored five points on 2-for-13 shooting. ‘Very sore,’ he said. ‘It was so much swelling, and I wanted some relief.’ Wade said he might work with a shooting coach ‘for the first time ever’ after a postseason in which he shot 31 percent on mid-range jumpers (50 for 163) and 29 percent on three-pointers (10 for 34). The goal, he said, ‘is to try to do more in the sense of my three-point game and midrange game, getting that back. My mechanics aren’t that bad. I don’t have an ugly shot, not one of those Shawn Marion shots. There are certain things in my shot I can change.’ Wade said a shooting coach could ‘give me a different look and [suggest] where I can get better.’ He said he also wants ‘to continue to get better in the post.'”