Dwyane Wade Says Game 2 Is a ‘Must Win’ for Heat

by June 08, 2013

It’s not quite earth-shattering news, but Dwyane Wade admitted that going down 0-2 would effectively end the series against San Antonio. Wade told media after Saturday’s practice that Game 2 is a “must-win” for the Heat. From ProBasketballTalk: “Everyone else danced around the question — Game 2 is important because all NBA Finals games are important. Which is true. But some games are more important than others. Just think if if Miami drops its first two games at home… ‘We’re not a team that really says too much, ‘this is a must win game.’ But this is a must win game,’ Wade said. ‘For us we have to win this game at home. We have to come out and play a lot better and we also expect San Antonio to play a lot better, shoot a lot better, a little better from what they did in Game 1.'”