Dwyane Wade Says He Removed Himself From Recruiting Free Agents to the Heat This Offseason

by August 25, 2013

While he was (obviously) instrumental in bringing LeBron James (and others) to Miami, Dwyane Wade said the Heat’s limited cap space led to him avoiding the recruitment process this offseason. Via the Sun-Sentinel: “Among the rumors swirling during free-agency was a clandestine meeting involving Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley with Lamar Odom. Not only didn’t it happen, but Wade said he removed himself from the team’s free-agent recruitment this offseason. ‘I left that all to them,’ Wade said, aware of the luxury-tax limitations of the Heat’s efforts. ‘I got away, understanding that we have little that we can do. And Pat Riley is the best at what he does, so he’s fine. We all understand the nature of the beast, what we’re dealing with.'”