Dwyane Wade Says Mini-Feud With Kevin Durant is Real

by September 27, 2013

The online trash talking with Kevin Durant isn’t part of some covert Gatorade promotional stunt, Dwyane Wade claims. The Heat superstar says the exchange was sincere. Per the Miami Herald: “Asked Thursday night if Durant’s comment that James Harden should replace Wade on Sports Illustrated’s list of the Top 10 players was uncalled for, Wade said: ‘Everyone has an opinion. We’re in an age now where everyone uses their opinion. That was it. He had an opinion. I had a response.’ Asked if their exchange was a joke, he smiled and said, ‘No.’ To refresh for those who might have missed it: Wade responded to Durant’s comment on Tuesday night by tweeting: ‘Note to self – make him respect your place in history… again… Don’t believe me. Just watch.’ To which Durant responded: ‘Show me. Don’t tweet me.’ Harden told Comcast SportsNet in Houston today that he believes the Wade/Durant exchange was genuine. […] Rockets center Dwight Howard said: ‘I told James [to] just stay away from [getting involved in the Wade/Durant back and forth]. We do our talking on the floor.'”