Dwyane Wade Sprains Ankle vs Nuggets

by January 14, 2012

The condensed season is leading to tons of unfortunate player injuries, and the most recent and perhaps the most important and worrisome one yet may have been Dwyane Wade’s ankle sprain last night. Some details, via ESPN: “Dwyane Wade’s had countless sprained ankles in his life but said he was never in as much pain as he was after rolling his right ankle Friday night. Wade said he feared his ankle was broken after he landed on Denver Nuggets forward Al Harrington’s foot in the fourth quarter of the Miami Heat’s 117-104 loss. X-rays showed that wasn’t the case. But Wade’s status was unclear as he left the Pepsi Center with the Heat on a three-game losing streak. ‘It never hurt that bad before,’ Wade said. ‘It’s not broken so that is the positive. Everything else & you know. I’ve sprained my ankle plenty of times but I’ve never sprained it like that before.’ Wade was coming to help on defense when he landed on Harrington’s foot, jamming his own foot before bowing his ankle on the court.”