Dwyane Wade Sued By Ex-Wife for $1 Million

by July 10, 2013

Siohvaughn Wade is suing her ex-husband, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, for at least $1 million. She claims that she’s owed money from endorsements and other sources of income. Per the Chicago Tribune: “Siohvaughn Wade is suing her former husband, his attorney, his financial adviser and companies with which she believes he has endorsement deals for allegedly refusing to uphold an agreement that required the money to placed in a joint bank account. The suit alleges the ex-couple had a contract that required that all of the Miami Heat shooting guard’s income from endorsements and marketing contracts plus half of his July 2006 NBA contract income be deposited directly into a ‘mutual account.’ Instead, the lawsuit alleges, Wade and his agents and attorneys have made an ‘end run’ around the agreement by deciding ‘when and how much of those funds should be deposited into the mutually agreed upon account.’ Siohvaughn Wade complained in the lawsuit that she has been unable to pay her mortgage and insurance on her home and car. The two were childhood sweethearts and were married in 2002. Wade, a native of suburban Robbins who attended Richards High School in Oak Lawn, filed for divorce in 2008, according to the lawsuit.”