Dwyane Wade Thinks He’ll Be a Better Player Following Knee Surgery

by July 11, 2012

DWade seems to think of himself as a fine wine — one that gets better with age. Wade claims that his advancing age will help him improve his overall game, and that the minor left knee surgery he recently underwent shouldn’t cause concern for any Miami Heat fan going forward. Per the Miami Herald: “Started my rehab today,’ Wade told us Tuesday. ‘I’m up and walking. Got rid of the crutches today.’ […] The disappointment of not being in London [for the Olympic Games] this month is overrun by good stuff. His two boys are safe at home. He is getting healthy again. And, as a bonus, his Heat just signed veteran guard Ray Allen (‘I’m so excited. Best shooter in our game’) and Tuesday added Rashard Lewis (‘He’s, like, 6-11 and he spreads the floor. We need guys to do that’). The rest of the NBA moves to close the gap on the champion Heat — the Lakers sign Steve Nash, the Brooklyn Nets angle in on Dwight Howard — but Miami moves to improve, too, adding pieces, growing depth. And Wade, in many ways the key to the Heat growing its 2012 title into a mini-dynasty, is eager to prove he remains an elite player, something that exploded suddenly into doubt as recently as mid-May. ‘I’m only 30!’ he said. ‘Michael Jordan, Kobe [Bryant] — those guys got better at 30. Won multiple championships after that. So I’m just getting started.'”