Elton Brand Has Been Playing With a Fractured Hand

by April 06, 2011

It’s reportedly a “very minor fracture”, but the fact remains that EB is a lot tougher than you are, cowboy. From the NY Times: “Elton Brand, who is experiencing a resurgent season with the surprising Philadelphia 76ers, has played nearly a month with a fracture in his left hand. The fracture was originally disclosed as an injury that would not prohibit Brand from playing, apparently out of concern that some opposing players might target the hand if they knew it was fractured. Brand has continued to play through the injury with the 76ers still vying for playoff positioning. ‘It still bothers him,’ Rod Thorn, Philadelphia’s president, said. ‘He’s had trouble for the last month trying to catch balls. There’s no complaints about it from him. He keeps playing. His confidence, his leadership, have been invaluable to our team.'”