Emergency Friday Mets post

by August 31, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Working from home today. Labor Day weekend begins early.

Can not show my face at work today. Can not write in complete sentences.

There is a Phillies fan in the office. He will gloat.

Thankfully Lang is off the map and I don’t have to hear about it. Khalid is smiling right now, and that really makes me sick. Russ wrote about the FIBA game again.

Willie Randolph

I have avoided this hour, but it is time. The doomsday clock reads 00:00:00. My Mets are dead. Willie did it. First he ruined Heilman’s confidence by letting him take a beating by leaving him in about 8 batters too long in Pittsburgh, then he followed that up by being afraid to go to his 8th inning reliever in the 8th inning – because he ruined him. The two inning desperation save never works. Yesterday Willie and Billy turned the best win of the season into their worst regular season loss in a long time. A four game sweep at the home of the team that is chasing them. PANIC METS FANS! PANIC!!!

Billy Wagner was nearly perfect this year until a few weeks ago. He’s dead to me.

Every Met is dead to me except Endy Chavez, David Wright, Luis Castillo, Ruben Gotay, El Duque, John Maine, and Jose Reyes.

Celebrity sighting: THE Will Leitch of deadspin. He was at a yuppilicious mexican restaurant in my neighborhood.

Want to thank the people from Playstation for coming in yesterday, lugging a flatscreen and PS3, and sending us lunch. If anyone is looking for the leftovers, they are with me.

Played Konate in NBA ’08. He was the Bulls, I was the Celtics. Eastern Conference supremacy on the line perhaps. I laideth unholy smackdown on the youngster. I thought kids today were supposed to be well-versed in their video game ability. So I have run faster, and now proven to be superior at video games. This is too easy. Konate was happy to doubleteam and hit the steal button a lot, but he kept leaving Ray Allen open for three. I – and virtual Ray – found that disrespectful. Konate paid the price.

Am I being a bully? Should I have let him win? Isn’t it my responsibility as the older generation to nurture the hopes and dreams of the youth? Nah, I killed him.

Holly MacKenzie is off to a great start moderating comments. It is a never ending war. This is what we are up against.

Yikes. Democracy. By the way today’s Kick of the Day has the word KOBE in it.

Went to the batting cage yesterday. My eyes don’t react at baseball speed anymore. I was hitting bombs in the softball cage though.

Other people’s posts will go up. Hopefully in complete sentences.

Happy Labor Day! Have a great weekend everyone!