Enes Kanter: LeBron James Not the King of New York

by November 15, 2017

After engineering the Cavs’ 23-point comeback Monday night against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, LeBron James added insult to injury by anointing himself the King of New York on Instagram.

Kristaps Porzingis is Gotham’s true ruler, says teammate Enes Kanter.

James and Kanter went nose-to-nose during the heated matchup, and Kanter vowed not to let LBJ punk his squad.

Per Newsday:

“We’ve already got a king. It’s Kristaps Porzingis,” Kanter said at practice Tuesday, referring to the NBA’s third-leading scorer. “Sorry about that.”


Kanter said he played basketball a few times with James this summer, and off the court has no issues with him.


“Outside of basketball, I’ve got no problems with him,” Kanter said on Tuesday. “But I’ve been telling my teammates, whenever we step on the court, there are no friends. Don’t shake anybody’s hand, because they are not going to feel bad for us. Every day, every night’s a war. Every day we’re going out there it’s a war. Don’t be friendly. Don’t shake nobody’s hand, don’t smile at nobody because those guys are your enemy. Those guys are not your friends. So I just keep talking to my teammates. We’ve got to bring that dirtiness in us.”

Enes Kanter: LeBron James Won’t Punk the Knicks