Enes Kanter Lost 51 Pounds in the Offseason

by October 02, 2012

Utah Jazz big man Enes Kanter is a new person coming into his second NBA season — almost quite literally. Kanter told the media in Utah that he shed 51 pounds during the summer. Per the Deseret News: “Kanter came to Salt Lake weighing 51 pounds less than he did after packing on about 20 postseason pounds during a trip home that apparently included way too much Turkish delight. When he wasn’t snapping shots of his frivolous free time, the 6-foot-11 big spent massive amounts of time pumping iron, exercising and training on the court for his sophomore season. That hard work resulted in him reporting to camp weighing in at a svelte-but-sculpted 242 pounds. ‘He lost a lot of weight,’ Jazz forward Paul Millsap noticed. ‘He’s a lot more mobile. He can get down the court better.’ The second-year pro credited ‘The Enes Kanter Diet’ for helping him shed a whopping 51 pounds in two months. The simple regiment: dressing-free salads, seafood and a smorgasbord of tweets. A sample day in the eating life of chunkier Kanter: a six-egg omelet, seven or eight pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and a burrito for breakfast; chicken alfredo pasta, a burger and an appetizer for lunch; and a big meal including another burger and dessert for dinner. ‘Now, I play faster, more explosive,’ Kanter said.”