Enes Kanter Warned About Trolling LeBron James

by January 22, 2018

Enes Kanter relishes every chance he gets to troll LeBron James and the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers.

A former teammate from his OKC Thunder days warned Kanter to tread carefully when it comes to poking LeBron.

The big fella says it’s all in good fun.

Per Newsday:

“One texted me and just said, ‘Hey, you’re about to get 50 dropped on you, boy,’ ” Kanter said. “It’s fun. It’s always fun to put a smile on people’s face. It’s good. You got to have fun.”


The Knicks don’t play the Cavaliers again until April 9.


“I mess with him a lot, but he’s obviously the best player in the league,” Kanter said. “I respect the guy a lot. Right now they’re struggling. I don’t think he’s thinking about what I tweet, I think he’s worried about his team. The only thing he thinks about is getting his team back on a roll.”

Enes Kanter: LeBron James Won’t Punk the Knicks