Eric Bledsoe: ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’ Tweet Had Nothing To Do With Suns

by November 10, 2017
eric bledsoe tweet nothing suns

Eric Bledsoe left the Suns amid a cloud of controversy surrounding his tweet which read, “I don’t wanna be here.”

Bledsoe initially claimed the tweet was sent from a hair salon with his wife.

In a conversation with Bucks broadcaster Telly Hughes, Bledsoe doubled-down: “It had nothing to do with what was going on” (starting at 1:37):

Is there misinformation out there that you’d like to clear up, and is there anything that you would have done differently?


Bledsoe: “I wouldn’t have done nothing differently. I guess everybody went crazy about the little tweet that went down.


“Like I said before man, I can’t do nothing about it now. It had nothing to do with what was going on. I guess it was just a timing situation.


“What happened, I can’t control that.”

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Photo via @Bucks