Eric Gordon Open to Extension with Hornets

by January 21, 2012

The deadline is January 25, and Eric Gordon says he’s willing to sign a long-term extension. But the Hornets may not want to invest in a player who has appeared in just two games this season. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune: “Gordon, who was ruled out for two to three weeks on Jan. 6 because of swelling in the knee after his second game — a 40-minute outing in a loss to the 76ers — says he’d have no problem putting his name on a long-term contract with the Hornets right now. ‘I’m very open to a long-term extension,’ said Gordon, the seventh pick in the 2008 draft. ‘It’s all about having enough security to where I’m able to be here.’ Gordon said his agent, Rob Pelinka, has had ongoing dialog with the Hornets about an extension, and that the Hornets have expressed an interest. ‘You know they’ve told me they want me here, they want an extension,’ Gordon said. ‘But it’s all about what they think is the worth in me. They see that I’m capable of helping this team win, capable of playing hard every night offensively and defensively. Now it’s all about dealing with what I’m worth.'”