Eric Gordon Plans to Make Life Easier for Anthony Davis

by September 17, 2012

Eric Gordon wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of returning as a member of the New Orleans Hornets, but he seems to have come around, and Gordon says he’s going to make rookie Anthony Davis’ transition to the pro game easier. From a Q&A with Hoopshype: “Are we going to see a different Eric Gordon this season? Eric Gordon: ‘Oh yeah, I’m more of a playmaker now as far as creating my own shot, being consistent and scoring over twenty points per game. So if I keep doing that, I think I should be fine.’ […] Is there a bigger motivation for you this season having missed much of the last one due to this injury and also because you are a max player now? EG: ‘Yeah, there’s a lot of expectation to do well, help the team and help the organization. I’m looking forward to do that.’ […] Looking back, would you change any of the things you said after signing that offer with the Phoenix Suns? EG: ‘Well, they came on to the table to give me this big contract, and that was a big motivation for the Hornets to step up and match. They did it and now they made me a big key of what they’re doing, so that’s what I looked forward to.’ Are you happy with the Hornets now? EG: ‘Yeah, yeah. Just looking forward to the season, yeah.’ […] How do you think you can help Anthony Davis adjust to the pros? What would be your main advice for him? EG: ‘You know, keep working hard, working on the things that you need to do. And as a guard, we will come up with pick-and-rolls, stuff like that … I’m going to make it easier for him during the games.’ What do you think is a realistic goal for the New Orleans Hornets this year as far as wins? EG: ‘We have to be a tough team. We’re young and I would say there’s a chance that we could possibly make the playoffs as one of the lower seeds. There’s a chance, but we have to be a tough team.’”