Eric Gordon: ‘They’re Letting the Game Get too Physical’

by January 23, 2011

After getting banged up on the court tonight, Gordon spoke with the L.A. Times: “Mild-mannered Eric Gordon, battered and bruised, was upset with the lack of calls afer sustaining two more injuries on Saturday night. ‘They’re letting the game get too phyiscal,’ he said. ‘They’re not calling fouls. The game is getting a little bit too physical. And that’s why things happen how they are.’ Gordon went down hard on his back and wrist in the third quarter of the Clippers’ 113-109 victory over the Warriors on Saturday night at Staples Center after he was fouled on a play. He had a lower-back contusion but was more concerned about his sore wrist… The third-year guard, who finished with 23 points Saturday, suffered a torn tendon in his right ring finger on Wednesday. ‘Man I don’t know what to do at this point,’ said Gordon. ‘Torn ligament, torn tendon. All this other stuff. It’s hard to deal with.'”