Euro Exchange: 5

Things are getting a bit crazy here in Europe to be honest. Like we’re not the only ones who spent New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Who said David Harrison was one of them ? Crazy I said.

Crazy like Ibo Kutluay, the best shooter Gary Payton has ever seen and a living legend in Turkey. Make sure you check this ad. Kutluay decided to leave Turkey to sign for a mediocre Greek team. Need I say Greeks and Turks are not the best friends in the world ? But the best thing in that story is the reason why he left Turkey : to delay and shorten his military service…

Crazy like Will Bynum, the former Georgia Tech superstar, who celebrated his 25th birthday in an Israeli jail. He reportedly ran over a man – 3 times – as he tried to escape from a few tough guys outside a club called the G Spot. And if you think we’re not man enough to crack a good old dirty joke, here is the infamous proof.

Crazy like Baby Shaq too. I mean the Greek Baby Shaq aka Sofoklis Schortsanitis who set the most brutal mobile screens on Dwyane Wade ever in the summer of 2006. And a former second round pick of the LA Clippers. Well Baby Shaq kinda filled the footsteps of former Clipper legends like John Hotplate Williams, Benoit Benjamin or Stanley Roberts by topping the 300 lbs mark. And then some. Word is he was closer to the 440 lbs mark those last few weeks. But chin up Clippers fans, Sofoklis agreed on a 3-month weightloss program in Switzerland !

Crazy like Loren Woods being the Euroleague MVP of the week. After that no wonder NBA fans look down on European basketball I suppose…

Crazy like Scottie Pippen showing Ben Gordon how to work on his shot selection live from Finland. 2 for 16 from behind the arc. If you wanna see 1 of the only 2 outside shots he actually buried then this Youtube video is for you. By the way, the Pippenphobia reached a new peak as we learnt Dirk Nowitzki thinks PG18 of Scottie. We thought we were the first to hear about that but the hat-tip should go to Mavs Moneyball who talked about it when it was still 2007.

Last but not least, France set new highs for craziness. You think Minnesota sucks ? Le Mans is now 0-11 in Euroleague action. The French All-Star Game was boring but the Slam-Dunk Contest was insane. Guy Dupuy…Guy Dupuy…Guy Dupuy… But you know what ? All those dudes aren’t half crazy as the main man here in France, who, after flirting with the San Antonio Spurs, is now dating a former Italian model. Vive la France and have a nice week.