Euro Exchange: 6

Another amazing week in European basketball has gone by. For NBA fans, the most interesting story was probably the news about Clippers Center Chris Kaman announcing that he has German grandparents.

A name that is always falling when you talk about Europeans coming to the NBA in the future is Nikola Vujcic. Julien found out why he stayed in Europe. And nobody will ever tell again that European basketball is “cheerleaderless”.

“Cheerleaderless”? Yes, that was one of the words how US bloggers described European basketball. If you want to find out more which critical, funny or sometimes even stupid stereotypes are still wobbling around in the bloggers brains, then check here. T-Mac, KB8, Human Highlight Film, Mighty Mouse and Big Nasty versus Kill Bill, Macas, Air Milko, The Story Teller and Big Papa. Who do you think is going to win? Whom I am talking about? Just check the collection of Nicknames of some of the top European players.
Quinton Hosley to the NBA? Who knows? Maybe Julien and our reader Kerem have an idea about that.
All the fantasy junkies are probably dreaming about building their own real team. Now that is possible in Bulgaria. And you don’t need to be a member of the Balkan Mafia to participate.A very bad week for German teams. One team goes bankrupt and another one loses by 48pts in the Euroleague.
But the Euroleague can also be so beautiful with the first pass of the year award nominee.