Everybody Loves Blake Griffin

by November 26, 2010

The fawning pieces have begun to roll in from the media, and Blake‘s contemporaries in the L are “a-Twitter” with his play (and freakish athleticism). From the LA Times: “@KingJames… Man Blake Griffin is the most explosive player in the league! Crazy bounce.’ KingJames would be LeBron James. Was he regretting taking his talents to South Beach instead of Manhattan Beach? Well, that’s an issue for another day. At halftime, another massive presence weighed in, responding to the TNT crew back in Atlanta. ‘@THE_REAL_SHAQ … blake griffin is n my top power forwards n da league, he is like (shawn) kemp, chuck’ Shaquille O’Neal of the Celtics was giving his Thanksgiving greeting to Charles Barkley and ‘that other guy,’ who would be Kenny Smith. So that’s about 4.5 million Twitter followers between the likes of Shaq and LeBron reading about the exploits of Griffin. Griffin was much more than a dunking highlight film Thursday night at Staples Center in leading the Clippers to their third win of the season. He had his ninth double-double of the season, nearly getting it in the first half with 15 points and nine rebounds … Griffin seemed almost embarrassed when told about the compliments from O’Neal and James. ‘That’s pretty cool,’ he said. ‘I appreciate that. I still have a lot of work to do, but I appreciate they say those things. I still have a lot of work to do before I’m where I want to be.'”